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Residential Electrical Application

Residential Mechanical Application

Residential Plumbing Application

Residential Building Permit Fee Schedule

Residential Building Application

Residential Permits are good for 6 months from date of issue providing you
have had an inspection once in a 6 month period.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Electrical Permits:
  • Ground Fault interrupters required on all residential outside receptacles, including
    garages and all residential bathroom receptacles, and kitchen receptacles.
  • Firestopping is required where holes are drilled through any plate and cold air
  • Service and rough inspections could be covered under one inspection on new built
    homes if ready. Additional inspection fee due if not inspected at same time.
    Addition and remodeling permits require (2) inspections (Rough & Final)
  • The electrical inspector will call Detroit Edison to release the service hook-up.
  • All Fixtures hung, lamps and plate covers installed for final inspection.
  • Pre-Manufactured home installation required (4) wire installation, from disconnect
    to service panel.
  • Pre-Manufactured home connectors used for two or three wire circuits need
    inspection before siding is installed.
  • Pre-Manufactured home - One time Use Plugs, Self Contained Power Connectors-
    If these connectors are used in any installation of a pre-manufactured dwelling unit,
    they shall be installed and inspected to manufactures specifications. If the
    installation is in a concealed area of the unit, an inspection will be required before
  • Interconnecting smoke detectors wired 110 volt on all floors and in each bedroom
    or sleeping area.
  • Swimming Pool installation required in conduit where the wire enters and exits the
    ground. Ground fault interrupter required. Bonding with continuous #8 bare solid
    copper wire around pool, tied to pool on (4) sides, ladder, and diving board for all
    pools. On ground pools require (1) inspection (Final). In ground pools require (3)
    Inspections. (Underground, Bonding & Final)
  • Air Conditioning Units ONLY- Inspection must be scheduled within (2) weeks of the
  • Generator manufacture's specifications booklet must be on site for inspector to
    approve installation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mechanical Permits:
  • Chimney's must be two (2) feet above any obstruction within ten (10) feet.
  • Switch for shut off must be installed adjacent to furnace.
  • LP Gas regulators MUST be placed (18) inches above grade.
  • All approved appliances must be installed according to manufacturer's
    specifications. Installation instructions must be on job when inspection is
  • Ventilation air required in house.
  • Combustion air required in the area of the furnace.
  • All exhaust fans must be vented directly outside in metal pipe.
  • One appliance per flue if one is a solid fuel appliance.
  • Solid fuel appliances must be installed according to manufacturer's specifications
    or to State of Michigan Mechanical Code and MUST have a UL label or Label of
    recognized testing lab. (2) Inspections are required (Rough & Final)

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Plumbing Permits:
  • Vacuum breakers required on all outside faucets and any hose bib or laundry tray
    inside building that will take a hose.
  • Firestopping required where pipe goes through any plate.
  • (1) Fixture per branch on sanitary.
  • Water pipe must be three-quarter inch (3/4") main, half inch (1/2") to fixture and only  
    (1) fixture on half inch (1/2") line.
  • Nail plates required 2" down from top plate and 2" above bottom plate.
  • Stud shoes (or equivalent) required on all non-bearing studs drilled larger than
    60% and bearing walls cannot exceed 40%.
  • Underground inspection for residential is an additional inspection if not
    incorporated with the Rough inspection.
  • Temporary occupancy requires (1) complete bathroom, kitchen sink, laundry facility,
    and hot and cold running water. Inspection required for temporary occupancy.
  • All fixtures must be installed or lines capped for Final inspection.
  • A B S (black pipe) CANNOT be glued to P V C (white pipe). Proper adapter must
    be used.

It is understood that this is strictly a guide. It is highly recommended that
the specific inspector be contacted to answer any questions.