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Section 23a of the State Construction Code Act of 1972, Act No. 230 of the Public Acts of 1972, being
Section 125, 1523a of the Michigan Compiled Laws, prohibits a person from conspiring to circumvent the
licensing requirements of this state relating to persons who are to perform work on a residential building
or a residential structure. Violators of Section 23a are subject to civil fines.
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Commercial Sign Base Fee:       $81.00
Commercial Base Permit Fee   $162.00
Enter # of Services to be Installed - Multiply and Enter Total at Right
Single Phase
amps $23.00
Three Phase up to 600amps $38.00
Three Phase 600 to 800 amps $49.00
Three Phase over 800 amps $54.00
Total Services:
Enter # of Items to be installed - Multiply $9.00 Each and Enter Total at Lower Right
Circuit Breakers
Kitchen Fixtures
Lighting Fixtures per 25
Feeder/Bus Ducts (per 50)
220v Outlets
Transformer Neon
Sign Circuit
Meter Hook-Up
Generator Circuit
Total Items:
KVA/Horsepowered Rated Equip.             Fire Alarm Devices
Up to 20 KVA/hp $9.00                        Alarms

21 to 50 KVA/hp $17.00                        Stations

Over 50 KVA/hp $22.00                        Horns

Total Equip/Devices:
Plan Review Fee Per Hour $81.00
Code Compliance Inspections-Additional-Reinspections $81.00
Yearly License Administrative Fee $15.00
Installation Started w/out Permit being Obtained- $100.00 Administrative Fee
                                                                                 Total Due:

Make check payable to C.C.A. or Construction Code Authority
Credit Cards Accepted; Please call C.C.A 810-667-0420
Surcharge Fee of 3.5% applied to Credit Cards


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